Rhinec: Quest for the Cup

Adventure for November 12th
Lets see him teleport while being dragged through the woods by a goat...

The Fellowship of the Rink, after 5 months of celebration and praise, have accumulated many problems. Among such problems, Crosbix of Rendale has asked the party to help him rid his town of chronic nightmares every villager is experiencing.

In the Ovech Glade, the party found an illusion hiding an alter that emenated the nightmares and destroyed it.


4,000xp (almost ready to level!)


Haunted Hide Armor +3
Spectre of Nightmares (boon: Spirit of Sand)
Ashes of Royal Hubris
Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords
Medic’s Amulet +3
Cognizance Crystal (level 14)

Adventure from April 17th
So, you're wandering why I've called you here...

On their way to Penality Boxian to confront a cult of devil summoners, the party is ambushed by a skilled assassin of the Order of the Crimson Night. After a quick and bloody fight that nearly claimed the life of Biggetti, the assassin fled into the woods.

Under Drawlin‘s guidance, the party proceeded unseen through the woods and arrived at the Wandering Warrior tavern. Suspecting that the assassin is hiding inside, the party scoped out the inhabitants and then went ’full donkey wiener’; Markel and Biggetti threatened the barkeep, Biggetti burst through a door and a wall like the Kool-Aid Man, and Markel interrogated the owner, Victor, while Gen’Ixi and Drawlin watched the surroundings.

Eventually the assassin struck again as he was trying to steal a horse. The party cornered the assassin when they where ambushed by Victor from behind. The might of the party proved to be greater than that of the Order of the Crimson Night – the would-be assassins lay dead a the feat of the party, leaving them with the interesting question “What do we do with this bar?”




Between contract money and valuables found, 3,600gp
Greyblade +2
A tavern! Or a big bonfire.

Adventure from February 29th
We suck at puzzles, but we're awesome at getting loot.

Description to Come…




to be posted (all ready rewarded)

Adventure from February 1st
I killed four elite goats and all I got was some lousy XP

The Fellowship of the Rink entered a natural cavern that ibixian use as an outpost and a temple. The party destroys the elite guard of the demon-possessed goatmen and proceed further into the cavern…




Skull Belt

Adventure from January 4th
Lets Kill Us Some BaaAaaaAaad Goats!

On their way to the Keep, the Fellowship encountered a group of bandits who attempted to ambush them. The Fellowship of the Rink quickly dispatched all but one bandit, a half-elf now called Nip-Nip, who was able to combine trinkets of diabolic significance to bestow a boon upon Biggetty.

Once at the Keep, Our Lord Stanley encouraged the heroes to continue their search for JG Dragonsworth. To that end, the party tracked the ibixians to the Ovech Glade.

The village of Rendale was recently raided by marauding ibixians. What’s worse, they bestowed a demonic curse upon the town’s hero, Crosbix, placing him near death. The heroes set off to find a cure, hopefully finding the ibixians they are looking for.

After hours of exploration of the Glade, the heroes stand triumphant over the bodies of several ibixian and the skeletal remains of a shadowborn beast. After regrouping themselves, the Fellowship chooses their next direction.


You guys are level 6! Go ahead and level your PCs for next session.


Invulnerable Coat of Arnd
Splatter Spore, Redshade, and Basil.

Adventure from December 22nd
Lets Kill Us Some Hobgoblins!

Choosing to track the regiment of hobgoblins that assaulted the keep of Our Lord Stanley, the Fellowship of the Rink set of to the southwest in search of clues as to JG Dragonworth’s whereabouts. Travelling through the countryside, the Fellowship happens upon a swamp that was a staging area for hobgoblin legions. After a brief skuffle with a regiment of hobgoblins, it was discovered that one of the hobgoblins was actually a doppleganger – a shapeshifting creature – who accepted a commission from JG Dragonsworth to use the hobgoblins to attack the Keep.

Weary from travel, the Fellowship makes their way back to the Keep…




+1 Piecemeal Chain armor

Adventure from December 7th
If we let them win, do we get the castle?

The Fellowship of the Rink was at the home of Our Lord Stanley in Pengwood when the keep came under siege! Ibixian, a hobgoblin mercenary company, a shade assassin, and a devil-worship cult all descended upon the keep, and the Fellowship answered with firey catapult volleys, vexing hellfire, precise shots, and transportation antics.

When the dust had settled and the blood started to dry on the ground, the party took inventory of the situation (literally and figuratively)…




350gp (found on the hobgoblins)
A high-quality moonstone worth 200gp (found on the shade assassin)
Elven Chain Shirt
Horn of Summons

A cryptic note (found on the cultists)
An assassination order (found on the assassin)
A bill of service (found on the hobgoblins)

The adventure begins!

The Fellowship of the Rink is a band of mercenaries operating out of the Chaos Kingdoms. They are known throughout the kingdom of Penguia, specifically in the lands overseen by Our Lord Stanley, who bestowed the honorary title Champion of Pengwood upon each of the five in the company.

Their most recent exploits include an epic battle with Rundarr, a duergar champion who had slain many valiant and foolish treasure seekers before them. Rundarr was soundly beaten, and has since rendered his services to the Fellowship of the Rink.

Currently, the Fellowship seeks to recover the Cup of Our Lord Stanley from JG Dragonsworth.


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