Rhinec: Quest for the Cup

Adventure for November 12th

Lets see him teleport while being dragged through the woods by a goat...

The Fellowship of the Rink, after 5 months of celebration and praise, have accumulated many problems. Among such problems, Crosbix of Rendale has asked the party to help him rid his town of chronic nightmares every villager is experiencing.

In the Ovech Glade, the party found an illusion hiding an alter that emenated the nightmares and destroyed it.


4,000xp (almost ready to level!)


Haunted Hide Armor +3
Spectre of Nightmares (boon: Spirit of Sand)
Ashes of Royal Hubris
Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords
Medic’s Amulet +3
Cognizance Crystal (level 14)


deltran deltran

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