Rhinec: Quest for the Cup

Adventure from April 17th

So, you're wandering why I've called you here...

On their way to Penality Boxian to confront a cult of devil summoners, the party is ambushed by a skilled assassin of the Order of the Crimson Night. After a quick and bloody fight that nearly claimed the life of Biggetti, the assassin fled into the woods.

Under Drawlin‘s guidance, the party proceeded unseen through the woods and arrived at the Wandering Warrior tavern. Suspecting that the assassin is hiding inside, the party scoped out the inhabitants and then went ’full donkey wiener’; Markel and Biggetti threatened the barkeep, Biggetti burst through a door and a wall like the Kool-Aid Man, and Markel interrogated the owner, Victor, while Gen’Ixi and Drawlin watched the surroundings.

Eventually the assassin struck again as he was trying to steal a horse. The party cornered the assassin when they where ambushed by Victor from behind. The might of the party proved to be greater than that of the Order of the Crimson Night – the would-be assassins lay dead a the feat of the party, leaving them with the interesting question “What do we do with this bar?”




Between contract money and valuables found, 3,600gp
Greyblade +2
A tavern! Or a big bonfire.


deltran deltran

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