Rhinec: Quest for the Cup

Adventure from January 4th

Lets Kill Us Some BaaAaaaAaad Goats!

On their way to the Keep, the Fellowship encountered a group of bandits who attempted to ambush them. The Fellowship of the Rink quickly dispatched all but one bandit, a half-elf now called Nip-Nip, who was able to combine trinkets of diabolic significance to bestow a boon upon Biggetty.

Once at the Keep, Our Lord Stanley encouraged the heroes to continue their search for JG Dragonsworth. To that end, the party tracked the ibixians to the Ovech Glade.

The village of Rendale was recently raided by marauding ibixians. What’s worse, they bestowed a demonic curse upon the town’s hero, Crosbix, placing him near death. The heroes set off to find a cure, hopefully finding the ibixians they are looking for.

After hours of exploration of the Glade, the heroes stand triumphant over the bodies of several ibixian and the skeletal remains of a shadowborn beast. After regrouping themselves, the Fellowship chooses their next direction.


You guys are level 6! Go ahead and level your PCs for next session.


Invulnerable Coat of Arnd
Splatter Spore, Redshade, and Basil.


deltran deltran

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