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I see you are being lured by the call of history as I have, adventurer. Tread carefully, as you might find the words in dusty tomes to be of more value than the gold you currently claim as loot! I was once an adventurer, trying to do right by my community and those who could not help themselves. Then I found my first lost historical record, and I have tested my combat prowess against nothing but a common fly ever since.

The history of Magantia, our world, is complex. Rhinec alone holds the graves of hundreds of fallen kingdoms. There are new tribes forming into villages all across the hills and plains, right on top of a world that has been build up to the sky and torn down to the core.

I much enjoy deciphering the meanings of and catalysts for the events that have taken place as far back as words can tell. I can keep you here all year and barely tell you of the wonders, abominations, and turning points of the people of Rhinec. Please, let me help you discover but a small portion of your history…

— Luidius Breinever-Nal’saya Daprellious II, Sage of History


All world information is located on the Rhinec Wiki.

Main Page

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