Rhinec: Quest for the Cup

Adventure from December 22nd

Lets Kill Us Some Hobgoblins!

Choosing to track the regiment of hobgoblins that assaulted the keep of Our Lord Stanley, the Fellowship of the Rink set of to the southwest in search of clues as to JG Dragonworth’s whereabouts. Travelling through the countryside, the Fellowship happens upon a swamp that was a staging area for hobgoblin legions. After a brief skuffle with a regiment of hobgoblins, it was discovered that one of the hobgoblins was actually a doppleganger – a shapeshifting creature – who accepted a commission from JG Dragonsworth to use the hobgoblins to attack the Keep.

Weary from travel, the Fellowship makes their way back to the Keep…




+1 Piecemeal Chain armor


deltran deltran

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