Rhinec: Quest for the Cup

Adventure from December 7th

If we let them win, do we get the castle?

The Fellowship of the Rink was at the home of Our Lord Stanley in Pengwood when the keep came under siege! Ibixian, a hobgoblin mercenary company, a shade assassin, and a devil-worship cult all descended upon the keep, and the Fellowship answered with firey catapult volleys, vexing hellfire, precise shots, and transportation antics.

When the dust had settled and the blood started to dry on the ground, the party took inventory of the situation (literally and figuratively)…




350gp (found on the hobgoblins)
A high-quality moonstone worth 200gp (found on the shade assassin)
Elven Chain Shirt
Horn of Summons

A cryptic note (found on the cultists)
An assassination order (found on the assassin)
A bill of service (found on the hobgoblins)


deltran deltran

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